Consultant PsychiatristDr Beaini currently works in the following areas:

Consultant Psychiatrist1. Private Practice : Psychiatric Out-Patient Services - Shipley Medical Centre
Alexandra Rd, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD18 3EG
For appointment queries, Phone: 07827 229395. For enquiries about location, you can go to the website:

For private patients relating to Gender Identity: In addition to a self referral letter, a referral from the General Practitioner is required.

2. The BONDS clinic, Yorkshire
Specialist treatment for all types of Addiction, including all drugs (alcohol, heroin, methadone, cocaine, cannabis etc), gambling and also sex addiction
Phone: 0800 033 7200 / / Email:

1. The Ridge Medical Practice, Cousen Road, Bradford BD7 3JX
2. Shipley Medical Centre, Alexandra Rd, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD18 3EG